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ReadSpeaker TextAid Education

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FROM £130.00 + VAT

FROM £156.00 INC VAT

  1. Online

TextAid is an online text-to-speech solution which helps you to read and understand text on any device. Additional tools include: Screen reader/page mask; Translation (including Welsh and Irish); Save...

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  1. Windows

Lightkey is a text prediction software powered by Artificial Intelligence making typing faster and error-free. With real-time spelling and grammar cor...

FROM £180.00 + VAT £216.00 INC VAT

Scanmarker Pro

  1. All Platforms

Scanmarker Pro is a portable reading pen for improved reading comprehension . Designed with accessibility in mind, this device allows you to effortles...

FROM £175.00 + VAT £210.00 INC VAT

Set Of 3 Sensory Library Square

  1. All Platforms

Our sensory library squares offer a variety of textures to suit different sensory feedback levels. You might prefer different textures based on your n...

FROM £11.00 + VAT £13.20 INC VAT