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ReadSpeaker TextAid Education

  1. Online

TextAid is an online text-to-speech solution which helps you to read and understand text on any device. Additional tools include: Screen reader/page m...

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  1. Windows

Lightkey is a text prediction software powered by Artificial Intelligence making typing faster and error-free. With real-time spelling and grammar cor...

FROM £180.00 + VAT £216.00 INC VAT

Scanmarker Pro

  1. All Platforms

Scanmarker Pro is a portable reading pen for improved reading comprehension . Designed with accessibility in mind, this device allows you to effortles...

FROM £195.00 + VAT £234.00 INC VAT

dBud Volume Adjustable Earplugs

  1. All Platforms

dBud Volume Adjustable Earplugs can help reduce or block out excessive noise, making it easier for individuals who are sensitive to sound to concentra...

FROM £35.00 + VAT £42.00 INC VAT

Set Of 3 Sensory Library Square

  1. All Platforms

Our sensory library squares offer a variety of textures to suit different sensory feedback levels. You might prefer different textures based on your n...

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Rock Library Square

  1. All Platforms

The library square has been designed to create a gentle and subtle sensation for individuals who are sensitive to touch or have recently reconnected w...

FROM £4.59 + VAT £5.51 INC VAT